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Developed for non-profit organizations to maintain their membership "in house", Membership Plus is a complete system for handling member maintenance and batch updates, renewals, and contributions. The data entry area supports batch entry of renewal payments and/or contributions either locally or remote, full verification screens for batch balancing, and deposits.

Membership Plus runs in two modes in order for the program to support a main site and many remote sites or chapters. It is ideal for associations with a conceptual "National" level and numerous "State" levels. An end user "friendly" query builder with full export support is an invaluable tool for moving names into other programs such as mail merges and presort programs. The product has numerous reports for maintaining your user defined member types.

The following is a brief summary of the program's main functional areas: Configurations, Membership, Fulfillment, Payments, Maintanence, Queries, Reports, and Customization and Services.


  • Define your association's member types and descriptions.
  • Create the membership dues structure for member types.
  • Optionally create contribution types.
  • Create mail flags, solicitation codes, and much more.


  • Quickly search and sort member records, print membership rosters based on filter criteria and view dues payment history and/or contribution history.
  • Add date and time stamped comments to individual member records.
  • Add, change or delete corporate attachments. Corporate attachments are individual name and address records "attached" to a main member record. An example might be a business as the member record with several individuals (attachments) within that organization receiving the association's magazine.
  • Member records are date and time stamped to reflect the last time the record was modified. This comes in handy when receiving changes from the state level (remote users).
  • Optionally, if the program is in state mode, one can view and maintain state only payments and members.
  • Contains many fields associated with member type, membership dates, etc.


  • Create the magazine subscription or newsletter list to be exported to your choice of presort software if needed. The subscription query can be modified outside of the program in order to control which individuals receive your publication or to change the "rules" for receiving your publication.
  • Membership Plus has many more exporting capabilities to support mail merges for membership cards, etc.


  • Create batches for membership payments and/or contributions.
  • Payment input screen supports your membership types and dues structure as well as changes to the member's name and address. Just key in a last name or ID number and select a member type and the dues amount automatically fills in. Of course, the bottom of the screen reflects the member's personal information for verification with the source.
  • Batch verification area helps you balance the batch by showing any variances between the dues amount and the actual payment. Also shows totals for dues amounts and record count by batch.
  • Create deposits by selecting one or more verified batches. A deposit within the program is defined as a logical grouping of batches under a specific deposit date.
  • Deposit balancing report helps verify your "program" deposits with the actual bank deposit by grouping by deposit date, month, year and even multiple years.


  • Optionally, load state (remote users) payment batches and member name and address changes.
  • Run the Payment Update Process to apply one or more batches to the member database. Rules for a membership year are driven off of a batch's deposit date as well as membership types.
  • The update process has full restart capability in the event of an interruption. Simply, hit the update button and the process will pick up where it left off. This eliminates the problem of applying a batch twice.
  • View the update log. A log is kept for every update showing the status of each step with a date/time stamp. This is invaluable for tracing which batches were applied and when. There's also an update report that shows the specific amounts that were applied as well as any exceptions.
  • Use the Update Exception handling area to apply any anomalies that kicked out during the update. This area uses a clever "suggestion" button to help speed up the process of matching a payment to a member. Simply pick a member in the exception's grid and hit the "Suggestion" button. Once you are satisfied with the match, just hit "Apply" and the payment will be applied using the same rules as the update procedure.
  • Optionally, export updated member records and payments back to the state level.
  • Import or export corporate attachments to or from a state.


  • Allows users to create "ad-hoc" queries against 1 or more joined tables. User selects exactly what fields to bring out, optionally sets the sort criteria and interactively builds the selection criteria.
  • Query result set has full export capability.
  • Query results that contain an email address can be sent to your default email program for sending a broadcast email to an entire list of names.


  • All reports were created using the Crystal reporting package. This allows an end user with a licensed copy of Crystal to modify and create their own reports.
  • Run existing membership reports by strength, state, region, etc.
  • State level has its own set of reports.
  • All reports can be exported to numerous formats such as email, RTF, Word, Excel, HTML and more.

    Customization and Services from dbSoft, Inc.

  • Programming to customize Membership Plus. Simply submit your specifications and we'll give you our best estimate. This method helps your organization control any development costs.
  • Custom report generation. This follows the same specification/estimate procedure as programming.
  • Batch data entry and data services such as payment entry and importation of records respectively.

    To request more information, please contact a sales representative.



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